atkins chicken pot pie dinner

Atkins Frozen Meals Reviews: Crustless Chicken Pot Pie

Atkins Chicken Pot Pie Dinner

This Atkins Frozen Meal review was not compensated, nor did the company contact me. I am publishing this purely on my own.

I rarely eat frozen dinners. They just don’t appeal to me, I am skeptical of where the meat came from (I have a horror of accidentally ingesting horse meat), and they are usually just plain icky. On the other side of that coin is the fact that I work long hours sometimes and I don’t always have time to fix food for myself. Sometimes I am ravenous and ready to chew the insides of my cheeks off, you know? There’s no time for cooking and you know what happens when you just start grabbing at sustenance. It ain’t pretty.

Anyway, I got a coupon for $1 off Atkins frozen dinners and I decided to try them out. The only one I thought was gaggingly disgusting was the Italian Sausage. The chili was not my favorite but it’s edible. And, surprise, surprise, everything else was pretty darn good!

You can eat the Atkins frozen meals at any stage of your diet?? even in induction. Be careful though, different people respond differently to ingredients and if you have them often you may stall your weight loss. I went through hell week last week with deadlines and I admit to grabbing too many meal bars, frozen dinners, and shakes. Guess what happened?

Yep. Stall.

Anyway, while I was warming up this meal I thought that it might be helpful to also review it so that you knew what I liked and didn’t. Keep in mind that my pickiness knows no bounds?? food is what I do for a living.


Atkins Crustless Chicken Pot Pie Review

This meal is described as white meat chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and julienned carrots in a sherry and herb cream sauce. Believe it or not, that is exactly what you get! The chicken is tender and not rubbery, the vegetables are done beautifully, and the sauce is delicious, once you add a little salt. ?It was a nice portion and did fill me up but I don’t eat a lot, either. There is 22 grams of protein, 330 calories, and just 5 grams of net carbs.

Add a big salad an you should be good to go!

I took a good look at the ingredients list and there were only three things you would probably not add to this recipe if you were making it at home

  • modified food starch
  • annatto (a natural coloring)
  • xanthan gum

It passed my flavor and my nutrition tests with flying colors.

Is this crustless chicken pot pie better, or even as good as what I make at home? Hell, no. I can do way better than this. The thing is, sometimes I don’t have time. This fills the gap, giving me a nutritious, low carb meal that tastes good, without my having to work for it.

It’s really all I ask of frozen food.

The dinners can be pricey – ?I think that I ?paid 3.99 and that was with the coupon. It may be more or less at your store. Give them a try but listen to me. Stay away from that Italian sausage one. It is horrible.

I’ll review more as time goes on. They seem to be coming out with new ones all the time. ?Check the Atkins site and the coupon sites for coupons. If you order their free starter kit I think you get coupons in that as well. The dinners are available at Safeway/Tom Thumbs and Wal-Mart near me. Check with your local store to see if they are available in your neck of the woods.




34 thoughts on “Atkins Frozen Meals Reviews: Crustless Chicken Pot Pie”

  1. These meals have been key to helping me lose 70 pounds. They?re pricey and yes, sometimes taste a little odd, but, for the most part they?re satisfying. The pizzas are a great snack, just use the toaster oven instead of the microwave.

    My problem is that the distribution seems to have been cutback. My local Safeway used to carry a full range, now they just have 2-3 options at most. I checked other markets in the area and I?m finding the same thing.

    The website doesn?t lest your order individual meals, just bulk assortments.

    I?m kind of stressed since I don?t really cook and I work odd hours. This has me making less then optimal food choices.

    Any suggestions on where to find an assortment of meals or other brands of frozen Atkins/Keto friendly meals?


  2. I had.the beef Merlot and what the heck! There was no meat! Just broccoli and meat sauce but the picture showed lots of meat what a rip off

  3. Seems to me that if you did have Atkins meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you would lose weight. Say you have the sausage scramble for breakfast, chicken pot pie for lunch, and whatever that shrimp stuff was for dinner you would still come out to less than 20 net carbs and probably less than 1000 calories so I don?t see how you couldn?t lose weight doing that unless you are eating a bunch of the bars and shakes too. Anyways I kind of know from experience because I lost 40 pounds on Atkins and I used a lot of their meals. Busy mom here. Just saying 🙂 chicken pot pie is also my favorite.

  4. The Crustless Pot Pie used to be good and was my favorite, but lately they are very greasy. I’m not going to buy them anymore for a while and wait to see if they change back to the old recipe. Haven’t tried the others, so hope they don’t follow suit.

  5. What I do to lessen the sodium content is the following: I microwave the frozen meal for 3 minutes as directed, then siphon off the liquid. I sometimes add additional vegetables (chopped broccoli, cauliflower, sliced onions. and garlic powder) and then cover with low sodium organic chicken broth and microwave for 1 minute. I let it stand for at least a minute. I don’t know how much it reduces the sodium content, but I believe it does lessen the figure. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of cheese (what ever I have on hand), that also enhances the flavor. I eat this meal in a pinch. The flavor it pretty good with my modifications.

  6. I can?t believe the sodium content in the frozen dinners. What can I do to get rid of some of it? Not eat the sauce?

  7. I have a lot of weight to lose and was just diagnosed diabetic.. Do OK for for Bkfst. For simplicity and to avoid overeating have decided to eat Atkins Meals for dinner. Would appreciate a total taste review (all dinners)Love what you are doing.

    1. Thank you! I don’t know if I’ll get to them – I don’t eat many prepared foods… but I’ll see what I can do.

    1. I thought the Orange Chicken, and I too loved the flavor, except something in them that was quite hot to my taste. Yes, I do have a sensitivity to hot spices, I’m say. Other than, I would recommend it to anyone!

  8. Did anyone manage to replicate this insanely delicious recipe at home? I’m with JoeyMarie68… this is so good! Would much rather learn how to make this dish at home. Just need to know how to achieve that sauce. And thanks for reviewing this atkins meal 🙂

  9. I may be off on this but with the frozen meals is it your just supposed to eat seven net carbs a day with these in the first phase of this plan? So I have just started and what I have been doing is a shake in the morning just to cut the hunger usually some kind of lettuce wrap like meat and I would add in some kind of veggies like red pepper or something. And then a meal in the dinner time with a side salad. Would love to know how or what I am doing correctly or what I should be changing up I enjoy all the help I can get!!

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  11. Can someone figure out how to re-create the sauce in this meal? I would love to make this myself. I mean really $4 for a couple pieces of chicken and a handful of veggies is lame! It tastes so good tho. I have tried to make sauce to taste the same but I havent been able to. I hate cooking and totally stink at it so maybe someone who knows how to cook could help a low carb sister out. Lol

  12. Tonight I tried this very same Atkins meal – crustless chicken pot pie. The first thing I noticed was how the prepared meal looked nothing like the picture on the package – not a huge issue. To go along with the meal, I created a lovely fresh mixed green salad. At first bite – this needs a little more seasoning. So I added some grated parmesan, freshly ground pepper, and a dash of Tabasco – mixed it all and reheated for 20 seconds. Much much better. Of course it’s nothing like homemade chicken pot pie, but I really loved the mix of veggies and the chicken was tender and flavorful. What surprised me the most? How filling it was. Satisfied and will purchase more.

    1. Exactly! The only one I have tried that I don’t care for is the one with Italian Sausage. The meatloaf dinner is really good.

  13. Helen Jolly Nelson

    I stocked up on some of the Atkins dinners for our pet sitter who is diabetic. He didn’t eat them all so I enjoyed the chicken pot pie and agree that it was O.K. but not as good as what I make on my own.

    1. Yep. Still, it’s nice when you have one of those days when you just can’t do anything that takes more than 3 minutes!

    2. But if you eat the frozen atkins meals for breakfast,lunch and dinner,is it considered staying on your diet and will you lose weight?

    1. Terrible allot of carbs for little food. Sells here for $4.49. The lasagna was the worst, nothing between the 2 thin sheets of rubbery pasta, little bits of hamburger that looked spit out of machine, flavor not so good. Waste of money.. Tried several varieties and they all where lacking ingredients. I had to add veggies to meals so I felt like I was eating something. Banquet meals for a $1.00 sadly has more food in them.

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