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Atkins Peanut Butter Cups Review

Atkins peanut butter cups are a low carb treat that are OK for all phases of Atkins, including induction.

Atkins Peanut Butter Cups

You know it happens to all of us. You walk into the kitchen and one of the kids is mindlessly eating a candy bar. Your mouth starts watering, and you can feel that chocolate craving hovering over you. A celery stick isn’t going to do it. Sugar-free jello, pork rinds, and even steak just don’t sound good.

You want chocolate.

How many times have you eaten one of those protein bars and thought that you might as well be eating sawdust? Or bit into some other low carb snack that was supposedly “just like a regular one” and almost gagged?

Yeah, me too. Well, these are different. They really do taste like peanut butter cups.

Atkins Peanut Butter Cups

The amount of peanut butter inside is generous and you don’t need a microscope to see them. They are a good size and the chocolate is creamy and chocolaty not waxy ?and tasteless.

If you eat a lot of these you aren’t going to loose weight. Yes, they are low carb but they are not something you can just chow down on. Honestly, I eat these the first few days of re-induction when I am having serious carb cravings and I feel that I am at risk of grabbing something high in carbs. After I am past that point I try to make them a weekly treat rather than a daily one.

Atkins peanut butter cups are made with Xylitol. If you haven’t eaten it before you should know that it can have side effects in some people, especially if you eat a lot at once. I’d suggest that until you know if it’s going to give you tummy issues you keep it as a stay at home snack. To be honest the only time I had trouble with a Xylitol product is when I made my sweet tea with it and then drank the entire gallon in an hour or two. I totally do not recommend that.

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Nutrition Information for Atkins Peanut Butter Cups

2 Peanut Butter Cups


Carbs 2g Net

Now, Atkins did not send me these, and they do not know that I exist. So, no need for disclosure because I bought these myself. However… Below is a link to the Peanut Butter cups and if you click on it and buy peanut butter cups the company is going to pay me like maybe 10 cents. Thank you.

I’ll be reviewing other products here and there because I don’t mind being the guinea pig when it comes to food!

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  1. Thank you. This info is very helpful. We’ve all wasted lots of money on products that tasted awful. Appreciate you taking one for the team.

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