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9 of the Best Low Carb Party Foods (And 15 More Party Food Ideas)

Are you hosting a party and need some ideas for low carb party foods? When you think of party foods you think of potato chips, dips, chicken wings, and the list goes on and on. It can be so tempting when hosting, to serve your guests with the food you use to eat. That’s why we put together this list of delicious low carb party foods, all in one handy place!

First stop is bourbon balls. Get the party started right with these easy-to-make bourbon balls that every guest will love!

For summer parties and hangouts at home, I’ve included some lavender lemon cookies, which are always a hit! I also love to load up a summer table with my bacon deviled eggs and my low carb copycat popcorn. Of course, you can then serve my killer crudites platter too!

Of course, a party wouldn’t be as much fun without the drinks! My personal favorite is the Mai Tai cocktail — yum!?

I’ve also included a couple of amazing salads, a fake-out popcorn dish and many more additions to your party table that I know you will love!

Other Low Carb Party Foods

Here are a few more low carb party foods to make your party table complete. As you can see, you can absolutely enjoy a party any time of the year and keep it all low-carb, without alienating any of your carb-loving friends.?

  1. Pork rinds!
  2. Pickles
  3. Olives
  4. Bacon-wrapped asparagus
  5. Bacon cooked crispy for dipping
  6. My favorite low carb crackers
  7. Oven-baked, low carb chicken wings
  8. Pepperoni sticks
  9. Cheese?
  10. Hot peppers?
  11. Nuts
  12. Beef jerky
  13. Fat bombs
  14. Homemade guacamole
  15. Cut up veggies

Some Low Carb Party Tips

  • Make sure to have plenty of low-carb drink options too and soda water!
  • Make sure to enjoy the party atmosphere, decorations, great music, and great friends are always low carb!
  • Keep everything simple and don’t try to make too many dishes that require a lot of effort from you!
  • Make sure to have some options for every diet and lifestyle, including those who are dairy-free, vegetarians, Keto fans! That way nobody will be left out either!
  • Make food fun for the kids too — Kids love dipping, pepperoni sticks. cheese strings, crackers — all which are low carb!
  • Don’t stress too much! Make sure you have fun too! People don’t just come to parties for the food, they come for the company (okay, and the drinks!)

What are some of your favorite low carb party foods? Please share!?

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