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Low Carb Easter Recipes: The Ultimate Guide!

Don’t get sidetracked from your healthy eating plan! This ultimate guide to low carb Easter recipes will have you enjoying the day with everyone else while noshing on seriously good stuff! In this guide you’ll find a variety of recipes from cocktails to candy created by some of your favorite low carb and keto bloggers that will help you create the best Easter menu ever!

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Low Carb Easter Recipes You’ll Love

Holidays can seriously sidetrack your healthy, low carb lifestyle! Sprinkled throughout the year, most of them are centered around food in one way or another. Since the foods are often traditional to your family, food that you’ve been eating since childhood, they tempt you more than usual because they are tied up with your memories. It’s almost impossible for me to resist banana pudding, for example, because it was always on the Easter table!

Creating low carb Easter recipes helps you to stay the course while still having the foods that you crave emotionally. I’ve chosen these keto friendly, low carb recipes to mimic some of the foods that I know are popular around Easter. I’m sure you’ll find something you love in the list!
Collage of Low Carb Easter Recipes for Brunch

Keto Friendly Easter Brunches

Many people start Easter off with a big family brunch! Use brunch casseroles, waffles,? and other things that you can make ahead and round it out with some fresh fruit and sweetened whipped cream, maybe flavored with a touch of vanilla. You can make mimosas with sugar free syrups in fruit flavors, champagne, and club soda. 4 ounces of champagne has just under 2 net carbs and you’ll probably only use two ounces for your mimosas. The club soda keeps the sparkle without diluting it too much.

Lowcarb Dirty Shirley is the perfect weekend drink or for a GNO! From Lowcarb-ology.com

Low Carb Cocktails and Mocktails for Easter Gatherings

Of course cocktails and mocktails are welcome pretty much any time! Besides the mimosas I talked about above you can make nearly any cocktail low carb. Consider setting up a staging area with club soda, sugar free syrups, and garnishes so people can make their own Italian sodas in a variety of flavors.

  • Make this white wine spritzer with frozen raspberries instead of cranberries. From Lowcarb-ology
  • Low Carb Dirty Shirley is a pretty pastel pink that’s perfect for Spring celebrations. From Lowcarb-ology
  • Italian sodas are perfect for the kids and guests who don’t want alcohol. From Lowcarb-ology
  • Sparkling Raspberry Soda is a light, fizzy, refreshing drink that is sugar free and low carb! From My Montana Kitchen

Easter Dinner Recipe Ideas

If you’re planning a midday dinner try to use recipes that allow you to make them ahead so that you can spend your time with your guests and family. There are SO many low carb Easter recipes on Pinterest that it can be hard to sift through them without getting overwhelmed. Here are some of my favorites – although I could have added hundreds more.

Collage of low carb Easter recipes for dinner and side dishes

Easy Appetizers to Keep Everyone Happy Until Dinner Is Ready

Set out appetizers to allow guests to nibble while you put the finishing touches on dinner but not so many that they fill up on them!

  • If you love spicy dishes and not a fan of mayo, you’ve got one appetizer made just for you with these spicy keto deviled eggs. Go mild or hot and serve them for special family gatherings. From Low Carb Yum
  • Ham pinwheels are an easy, make ahead appetizer. From Lowcarb-ology
  • Easy entertaining and keto usually don’t go hand in hand. But, these BBQ Bacon Wrapped Smokies are so easy and straightforward to make that they will be a new go-to when you’re in a pinch and need a quick appetizer. From Ruled Me
  • These artichoke hearts are seasoned and crispy, delicious on their own? but when you dip them into the horseradish aioli it really is a flavor explosion in your mouth! From Health Starts in the Kitchen
  • These spicy blackened shrimp have the heat of blackening seasoning, offset by the cool crispy crunch of the cucumbers. A fantastic appetizer that’s both easy and elegant! From The Wicked Noodle
  • This low carb nachos recipe is made with cheddar cheese and smothered with a spicy taco seasoned chicken topping. From Wholesome Yum
  • Jalapeno popper deviled eggs are flavored with cream cheese, jalapenos, and bacon and make a fantastic appetizer for Easter. From Spicy Southern Kitchen
  • Buttery and flakey, these crackers are great on a cheese plate or to go with dips. From Lowcarb-ology

Low Carb Easter Recipes for the Main Course

Ham is probably the most popular main course for Easter, at least in the United States. That doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd, though! Here are mouthwatering main course recipes – including one for glazed ham!

Collage of Low Carb Easter Recipes for Dinner and Side Dishes

  • An easy baked sirloin roast with herb rub that has such delicious flavors. Low carb, keto, and paleo, this roast will impress your family and guests. From Beauty and the Foodie
  • A delicious keto meatloaf stuffed with perfect hard boiled eggs! From My PCOS Kitchen
  • Glazed Ham is back on the menu with big, thick, juicy slices of succulent ham with a sweet orange scented glaze that’s sugar free! From Joy Filled Eats
  • These lamb chops have a lick-your-plate-clean sauce and are perfect for a small family celebration. From Low Carb Maven

Perfect Easter Side Dishes

Think fresh with your side dishes. Asparagus is usually in season, baby lettuces, and all of those fresh spring vegetables! Most of the time they only need a touch of butter and a sprinkle of salt to be perfect.

Leek and Asparagus Salad in a Dark Dish

  • This baked cheesy asparagus recipe needs just 5 ingredients and is ready in 20 minutes. The perfect easy, healthy side dish! From Wholesome Yum
  • A cross between sweet and savory, these Balsamic Baked Red Onions are a gorgeous colorful side dish–perfect for every day or entertaining. From Whole New Mom
  • This Roasted Leek and Asparagus Salad makes a perfect side dish for Easter dinner. From Simply So Healthy

Low Carb Breads for the Easter Table

Bread is the hardest thing to replicate for low carb but it can be done! Here are some great ways to add a keto friendly bread basket to your table.

Finished Low Carb Sour Cream Biscuits in an Earthenware Bowl With a Black and White Towel Over the Top

  • Serve piping hot sour cream drop biscuits right from the oven! From Lowcarb-ology
  • Lavender scones are such a pretty addition to the table! From All Day I Dream About Food
  • Keto friendly cinnamon rolls with a thick, sweet glaze are good any time of the day! From I Save A to Z
  • These are great keto dinner rolls to help replace bread in your low carb lifestyle. This recipe is easy, filling, and delicious! From Hey Keto Mama

Low Carb Dessert Recipes

What’s dinner without dessert? From pie to cupcakes you’ll find some fantastic low carb Easter recipes here, I’m sure!

Collage of Low Carb Easter Recipes for Desserts

  • You better believe that banana pudding is ALWAYS on the table at Easter where I live! It’s a tradition and one of my favorite low carb Easter recipes ever! From Lowcarb-ology
  • Ricotta Cheese Pie is a popular dessert to serve during Easter dinner and makes a divine holiday dessert. From Low Carb Yum
  • These low carb lemon cream cake pops are the best of lemon cake and lemon cheesecake in a ball and coated with a delightful sweet lemon glaze. From Beauty and the Foodie
  • This low carb rhubarb crumble is a lovely dessert for the spring when the rhubarb has been freshly harvested. From Step Away from the Carbs
  • A showstopper dessert for your Easter dinner! This strawberry mascarpone tart has a velvety mascarpone filling that is set off perfectly by a crisp coconut flour tart crust. From Sugar Free Londoner
  • These “Bunny Tails” – vegan coconut no-bake cookies – come together super quick and are loaded with healthy ingredients. Plus they’re paleo and sugar-free too! From Whole New Mom
  • Instead of a big carrot cake make these fun sugar free carrot cake cupcakes this Easter. From Low Carb Maven
  • Crazy delicious low carb dessert keto cheesecake bites recipe. From Lowcarb-ology
  • Caramel pecan cheesecake is a no bake and super easy make ahead dessert! From Lowcarb-ology
  • Light lemon cupcakes with a coconut nest on top. From Divalicious Recipes
  • Enjoy another slice of this lemon strawberry cake for a lovely Easter treat. From Divalicious Recipes
  • Yummy carrot cake bars with an optional frosting that can be either dairy based or dairy-free! From My PCOS Kitchen
  • Low carb chocolate mousse crepes are SO easy and full of creamy chocolate mousse. From Lowcarb-ology

Low Carb Easter Recipes for Copycat Candy

No collection of low carb Easter recipes would be complete without candy! Make some of these Easter candies so that you won’t be tempted to raid your kids’ Easter baskets!

Easy and SO satisfying! These port wine and dark chocolate fat bombs have just 0.4 net carbs each! From lowcarb-ology.com

Images used with permission of the various authors.

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