4 of the Best Low Carb Fat Bombs You’ll Want to Make Today!

Even if you’re not doing the full Keto plan, going low-carb means you’ll want to indulge in healthy fats to keep you full and satisfy those cravings. Here are my top 4 low carb fat bombs that are just that — the bomb! Whether you have a savory craving or a sweet tooth, I have a little something for everyone.

These 4 low carb fat bomb recipes are easy to make and do not require a lot of special ingredients or know-how. Starting with one of my faves, the low carb Ham Pinwheels, that you could even make ahead and bring to a party — they are that good. Another party fave of mine is the Cream Cheese Fat Bombs. And then, who could resist my port wine low carb dark chocolate fat bombs, which I love to make at Christmas or any special occasion where dark chocolate and wine should be on the menu.?

Best Low Carb Fat Bombs

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